Steelcraft T-12 Thermocraft insulated steel garage door

Steelcraft T-12 Thermocraft insulated steel garage door
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Meet Steel-Craft’s go-to garage door when durability, energy-efficiency and good looks are called for.

Made of top-quality, high-grade Canadian steel and Steel-Craft’s proudly over-engineered parts, our ThermoCraft doors are fade-resistant, accept paint easily, and won’t corrode.

Available in two insulation ratings — T-12 with an R-value of 10.40 and the thicker T-16 with an R-value of 16.04 — ThermoCraft doors are made to keep warmth in and winter out. Double-finned steel/nylon weather stripping, mechanical interlocking joints and an Arctic-grade bottom weather seal help ensure the door is energy-efficient and will stand up to a Canadian winter.

The galvanized steel doors feature attractive embossed paneling and offer you a choice of five colors and many window styles. Our unnecessary warranty covers all ThermoCraft doors.


  • Hot-dip galvanized steel inner and outer skin, with wood grain finish for rust-resistant protection and maintenance free. It will outlast the cheaper electro-galvanized steel.
  • A baked-on, two coat polyester finish.
  • Each door section is mechanically interlocked (Patent Pending) along its entire length to ensure there is no delamination of the steel from the urethane.
  • A foamed in-place polyurethane core provides the maximum resistance to inclement weather. No other insulation offers a higher R-value. Polyurethane insulation produces twice the insulation value of styrofoam used to insulate the typical garage door.
  • Steel end caps protect and seal the section as well as provide a smooth sealing surface for the side weather strip. The steel end caps, combined with continuous steel backing plates, provide durable hinge attachment. No wood center and end stiles to rot.
  • Top quality, heavy duty rollers that ensure long life and smooth quiet operation.
  • Heavy duty galvanized hardware with tapered track for proper alignment and maximum sealing. Torsion springs that are computer balanced allow for ease of operation.
  • Ribbed, wood grain finish
  • R Value: 10.04
  • Windows available in the following styles: Sunburst, Stockton, Colonial, Plain, Frosted (Satin), Stockbridge, Cascade, Somerton, Wynbridge, Ridgewood, Somerview, Stanton, Waterton, Regal, Royal
  • Sizes – Widths available to 16′, Heights available 6′-10′
  • Colors – White, Sandstone, Brown, and Linen

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